“Before going to bed Don Fabrizio paused a moment on the little balcony of his dressing room.  The shadowed garden lay sunk in sleep, below; in the inert air the trees seemed like fused lead; from the overhanging bell tower came an elfin hoot of owls.  The sky was clear of clouds; those which had greeted the dusk had moved away, maybe toward places less sinful, condemned by divine wrath to lesser penalties.  The stars looked turbid and their rays scarcely penetrated the pall of sultry air.

The soul of the Prince reached out toward them, toward the intangible, the unattainable, which gave joy without laying claim to anything in return; as many other times, he tried to imagine himself in those icy tracts, a pure intellect armed with a notebook for calculations: difficult calculations, but ones that would always work out.  “They’re the only really genuine, really decent beings”, thought he, in his worldly formulae.  “Who worries about dowries for the Pleiades, a political career for Sirius, matrimonial joy for Vega?”

 THE LEOPARD, Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa

It all starts with an idea. Mark making, color dreams, and what hits the heart in the way that makes you tick. Discipline and diligence kept me in front of the studio wall.

The wall is opening now; with wisdom and understanding of a profound connection with your work that expresses who you really are. It’s a good place to be. All of my obsessions, without being mannered, are gathering together in an open book of fiction.

My paintings are my icons; in their composition, they appear to the beholder as windows that speak to the individual’s yearning for fulfillment.  Each is a portal, bordering both time and physical space, across which we can move and find the connections between the levels of longing and the collective unconscious.  The colors which predominate throughout are inspired by experience working in religious iconography. Gold, the alchemist’s ultimate goal; red, the color of divinity; blue, the color of humanity; and finally, green, the color of hope.


Studio: Brooklyn Art Space, Brooklyn, NY


2016 ” Up for Debate”
BRIC Arts Media, Brooklyn, NY

2015 “Winter Salon Show”
Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 

2014 “Project Miele” Permanent Painting Installation

Tisch Cancer Center/Ruttenberg Treatment Center
The Hess Center for Science + Medicine, Mt. Sinai Hospital
New York, NY

2012 “Unseen”
RogueSpace Chelsea
New York, NY

2011 “The Giver of Time”
The Visionaire Building
New York, NY

2010 “ART on PAPER”
Monmouth Museum, Monmouth NJ

2009 “Belief + Behavior”
Solo Exhibition
Espacio Gonzalez, New York, NY

2004 Group Summer Show
Spinnato Gallery
Setauket, New York

2002 “The Magic Show”
Solo Exhibition
Chiostro Di San Michele, Capri, Italy


2015 Chinese Lunar New Year Parade, “Year of the Ram”
Concept, Sculpture + Design of Life Size Papier Mache Rams for the Parade

1997 Restoration Project
Solo Artist Color Consultant
Cathedral of Saint Patrick, New York, NY


1985 School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
Bachelor of Fine Arts

Istituto Superiore Per le Industrie Artistiche, Urbino, Italy

Summer Graduate Studies 1986-1988